The Mann Wireless organization is dedicated to giving back to the local community as well as providing time and resources to those in need around the world. The leadership team fosters a company culture that promotes community service, volunteer work and charitable contribution.

Project Lead the Way

PLTW is a United States non-profit organization that develops hands-on, project-based science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) curricula for use by elementary, middle and high schools. PLTW’s mission is to prepare students for the global economy by increasing the number of American students prepared to enter the STEM workforce. PLTW programs give students hands-on experiences, helping them link math and science concepts to real-world problems solving.

Every year, Mann Wireless provides an award to one or more students for independent thinking and creativity demonstrated in their STEM coursework.

Local Projects

Mann Wireless contributes to the local food pantry and provides school supplies and clothing to a local school.

The Giving Circle

The Giving Circle, Inc. (TGC) is a volunteer non-profit organization based in Saratoga Springs, NY. TGC was initially founded in response to Hurricane Katrina and has since expanded its efforts working locally with the underserved in the Capital District. Internationally, TGC has partnered with a team in Uganda to form The Giving Circle Africa.

Mann Wireless supports efforts locally by participating in shelter projects, flood and storm relief efforts, holiday gift programs and other community needs.

Internationally, the company is involved in several sustainability projects in Uganda to include solar panel construction, chicken farming, vegetable gardens and the institution of a sewing guild. Mann Wireless also supports building schools and supplying classrooms.

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