Mann Wireless holds the following wireless certifications that enable superior quality, safety measures, value and differentiation in the wireless industry.

OSHA/Safety Programs

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is an agency of the US Department of Labor, created to establish and enforce safe and healthful conditions in the workplace. These regulations include limits on chemical exposure, employee access to information, requirements for the use of personal protective equipment and safety procedure specifications.

All Mann Wireless employees who perform work at customer facilities complete a minimum of a 10-hour OSHA training course to ensure proper adherence to OSHA standards and best practices for identifying, reducing, preventing, eliminating and reporting safety and health hazards associated with their work.

Additionally, employees who perform work at customer facilities receive annual safety refresher training. Jobsite safety is also discussed at branch-level monthly meetings.

Mann Wireless is committed to adhering to applicable Federal, State and customer safety regulations and requirements.

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