Mann Wireless will compile a closeout documentation package including: RF signal readings, active component output levels, OTDR data, PIM test results

At Mann Wireless, we encourage our clients to be a part of the final walk-through inspection, during which all aspects of the installation will be noted and recorded. Upon your approval, Mann Wireless will compile a closeout documentation package for your reference and records. Standard information provided includes:

  • As-built drawings depicted on floor plans indicating the location of all installed system components as well as cable runs and associated labeling schema
  • RF signal readings (also shown on floor plans)
  • Active component power settings/output levels
  • Coax and fiber cable sweep/OTDR data/PIM test results
  • Head-end (and other key components) installation photographs
  • Appropriate tests to verify scope.
  • Final equipment list

Closeout documentation contents can be customized to meet unique requirements.

Mann Wireless stores all closeout documentation on a secure server in the event it needs to be referenced in the future. This information will enable us to quickly troubleshoot the system should an issue arise and also provide consultative support should there be a need to augment or adjust the system’s original scope.

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