Emergency Radio That Works in an Emergency

Uninterrupted communication is critical to first responders during fires, natural disasters & security threats. Mann Wireless Public Safety DAS (distributed antenna systems) eliminate deaf spots in your building that can endanger lives by hampering fire, police and EMT radio.

Since 9-11, institutions such as NFPA and IFC have strengthened regulations that guide local governments to demand efficient, reliable, and life-saving communication systems for emergency responders and those affected by a crisis.

  • 70 percent of 911 calls are made from wireless phones, according to the Federal Communications Commission.
  • Emergency responders need uninterrupted indoor cellular/PCS to locate 911 callers in an emergency.

How does DAS work for public safety?

Wireless distributed antenna systems for public safety are very similar to DAS that creates seamless inbuilding cellular coverage. For public safety, the system includes an antenna on the building roof to receive a radio frequency (RF) signal from the public safety cell site. The signal is sent to a bi-directional amplifier (BDA) and along to head-end equipment that converts the RF signals to digital pulses. Those digital signals travel along fiber to remotes and antennae located through the building. A single DAS can support multiple cellular and public safety technologies.

Help you can hear

Mann Wireless is one of the nation’s first and best at bridging in-building gaps in cellular and public safety Land-Mobile Radio communications from design, to installation, monitoring and maintenance. We install wireless radio enhancement systems that are compliant with the International Fire Code (IFC 510) and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA 72).

All Mann Wireless professional services are customizable to meet your unique business needs.


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