Seamless wireless connectivity for multi-tenant buildings

Do your tenants complain about their wireless service?

Do they have to stand near windows and doorways to get a signal? Getting enough “bars” is an increasingly important factor for tenant retention in both residential and commercial high-rise buildings. As a landlord, making sure your building or complex has seamless wireless coverage is good business, important for public safety and, in many municipalities, a matter of law.

People have come to expect and demand instant communication and answers to questions, any time or place. You can eliminate the wireless dead zones in your property – and the tenant frustration they inspire – with a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) designed by Mann Wireless.

Our in-building DAS wireless solutions provide seamless coverage and capacity with strategic placement of antennae and bi-directional amplifiers (BDAs) that carry cellular, PCS and radio frequency signals past obstacles. Our skilled engineers examine and overcome interference from cellular towers and competing systems, RF and 4G shielding by surrounding buildings, fortifications, stairwell and elevator shafts and energy-efficiency features that can inhibit wireless and RF signals.

Seamless communications are also a matter of public safety.

  • 70 percent of 911 calls are made from wireless phones and 64 percent of them are made from indoors, according to the Federal Communications Commission.
  • Emergency responders need uninterrupted indoor cellular/PCS to locate 911 callers in an emergency.

A single Mann Wireless turnkey DAS connectivity solution can handle a wide spectrum of wireless communications needs for:

  • Reliable 3G/4G LTE data to complement or replace WiFi.
  • Wireless continuity for emergency preparedness.
  • Reliable 2-way radio communications and Land-Mobile Radio (LMR) for public safety and first responders.

Since 1998, Mann Wireless has cultivated the most experienced professionals in the industry of custom wireless solutions for multi-tenant and high-rise buildings and campuses. Our comprehensive approach supports seamless wireless connectivity, consultation, design, engineering and integration services.

We provide solutions across all technology platforms.


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