The R-TMS provides real-time monitoring of the UL noise floor at repeater sites.

  • Helps radio departments quickly identify issues and find oscillating BDAs
  • Reduces the risk of site desensitization and coverage area degradation


Real-time monitoring and alarm capabilities 24/7/365

  • Issue is immediately known
  • Eliminates risks for emergency responders affected by reduced communications
  • Quickly deploy resources to solve issues:
    • Email or smart phone notification
    • Geo-location (triangulated site location)
    • Saves data for a period of time
    • Monitor pre- and post-BDA turn up live
    • All BDAs are registered and documented in the system

What is the potential risk to repeater sites from oscillating BDAs?

With increasing enforcement of NFPA/IFC, numbers of BDAs are increasing each year.

  • Every additional BDA adds to uplink noise
  • Any malfunctioning BDA can create noise and shrink tower coverage radius

List Price $35,000, Multi-Unit discounts available upon request.


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