Poor cell phone coverage in your building?

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We provide cost effective cellular solutions for small and large buildings

We work with all major carriers!

  • AT&T
  • Verizon
  • Sprint
  • T-Mobile

Dropped calls and poor cell reception are bad for business. Get better in-building cell coverage and create value for your properties.

Get better cell coverage in your buildings and create value for your properties. Cell coverage improves the safety of the people in your building, including office workers, tenants, and public safety personnel.

Cell phone usage has become essential in our everyday lives. Eighty percent of all cellular calls are conducted indoors and a stable wireless signal is a business and public safety need.

Building Value

  • Are you losing tenants because of spotty cell service in a building? 
  • Having trouble leasing space to companies that are looking for strong cell signals?
  • Are you able to support mobile business applications?

It’s hard to attract today’s tenants to set up shop in a building that has poor cell coverage. Dropped calls waste time, money, and cause frustration. Don’t let your properties lose value. We can design and install a cost-effective cellular solution to meet today’s cell communication demands.


  • Did you know over 80% of all 911 calls are placed from cellular phones? 
  • Can the occupants within your building rely on their cell phones during emergency events to call for help or receive updates and directions? 

Cellular solutions are no longer a luxury. They are critical for reliable communication during emergencies.

911 on a cell phone
Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

For hospitals, assisted living facilities and nursing homes, cell phones are the vital link to those near and dear.  

Quality of Life

Quality of Life

Surf, stream, talk, and text whether living in a large apartment complex, condo, or college dorm.

Mann Wireless is a proven design-build DAS (distributed antenna system) integrator with 22 years of experience. We will develop a cost-effective solution to make cell phones work in buildings, no matter how big or how small.

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