Mann Wireless provides in-building wireless services to a variety of industries in almost every imaginable environment. We partner with all major commercial carriers and technologies, operating in frequency bands ranging from 100 MHz to 2.6 GHz.

Mann Wireless is one of the nation’s most experienced providers of custom wireless solutions for complete, seamless, in-building DAS coverage for cellular 3G/4G (LTE), public safety radio and private land-mobile radio (LMR).

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High-rise office buildings. During this initial stage of wireless requirements gathering and site survey, Mann Wireless will work with you to schedule a detailed analysis of your facility. To develop a cost-effective and appropriate solution for wireless coverage for your building or venue, Mann Wireless must first fully explore your unique wireless communications needs, both current and future.

During this initial stage of wireless requirements gathering and site survey, Mann Wireless will work with you to schedule a detailed analysis of your facility. During the walk-through and data collection process, we’ll assess the current state of the RF (radio frequency) environment and the aspects of the physical surroundings that could affect communications.

Wireless Requirements Gathering

Armed with the highest-quality test equipment, our engineers and technicians will document and analyze your situation to develop a custom solution that satisfies the full scope of your wireless coverage requirements. In addition to the RF data gathering, we will take photographs and notes describing key areas (such as data centers, rooftop access, equipment closets, fiber/conduit runs, special installation requirements, etc.) and structural details of the facility.

All pertinent data will be provided to you, summarized in a comprehensive report and as annotations on (customer-provided) floor plans. Mann Wireless will use this information to determine the ideal equipment placement locations for wireless coverage during the Engineering & Design process.

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Did you know that every building has wireless challenges?

Physical objects: Masonry, concrete and steel walls are some of the most common sources of obstruction for radio frequency and wireless signals.

Electrical interference: Electrical interference can come from devices such as computers, refrigerators, fans, lighting fixtures or motorized devices. The impact that electrical interference has on the signal depends on the proximity of the electrical device to the wireless access point and the technology used in the electrical device.


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