Woman in white bathrobe standing with cup of coffee in her apartment in the morning and using a smart phone, illustrating wireless connectivity solutionsUninterrupted wireless connectivity is no longer a luxury. Your tenants expect it and demand it. Mann Wireless leads the industry in removing obstacles to perfect mobile and wireless services across commercial campuses, apartment complexes, shopping centers and schools.

From distributed antenna systems (DAS) to small cell repeaters and  bi-directional amplifiers, Mann Wireless will design the coverage and capacity your building needs to stay ahead of the competition.

Some owners and operators – catering to a generation that expects to see five bars on their smartphones wherever they go – are already sold on the benefits of marketing their properties as “full-bar” venues.

According to a technology usage survey of 52,000 student residents at 130 campuses, 49 percent of student residents ranked uninterrupted cell phone reception at the highest level of importance, more than Internet service, gyms, pools, community clubhouses, even the size of their bedroom.

The way to configure the best wireless connectivity solutions for your apartment community, residential campus or office building is to have a reception audit performed in which the property is physically walked. A Mann Wireless signal audit will account for all signal-blocking material and infrastructure, and can reveal unit-by-unit and carrier-by-carrier reception levels.

Mann Wireless designs, installs and services in-building wireless solutions for distributed antenna systems, single and multicarrier systems, radio frequency systems and public safety systems. We work with public safety officials, building owners, businesses and wireless carriers to help you create seamless in-building wireless solutions for a range of technologies.




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